Bullying could be regarded as repeated, inappropriate and unwanted behaviour that is perpetrated against another person. Although it often takes the form of direct behaviours, such as physical assault or name-calling, it can also be perpetrated in very subtle ways, such as excluding or isolating the person. It is often thought of as happening at school, but it also happens in the home and in the workplace. Initially, it makes the victim feel offended and intimidated, then often leading to loneliness, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, even thoughts of suicide. In many cases, especially when the victim is still in their formative years, bullying can have a devastating impact on the person’s long-term sense of security in themselves and in the world and on the quality of the relationships they form with others around them. Psychotherapy will provide the person with a safe place in which to explore their fears, the origin of their fears and possible ways to change the footing of their life. Not least, psychotherapy will support the person in their journey towards recovery whilst they learn how the impact of bullying can be halted and overcome.